Although there are currently services available to meet the needs of seniors who decide to stay in their homes, most of them rely on the support of family members to coordinate activities on a daily basis and respond to contingencies.

As we see a rapid growth of the senior population with greater life expectancy while the majority of them prefer to live at home, it becomes increasingly difficult for family caregivers to meet all of their parents needs.

It is in this context that Dicata comes in:

Dicata will provide the services that you need in your everyday life and will find solutions with you, when unexpected events occur. This will allow you to fully enjoy your visits and time spent with your loved ones.

Dicata will research and find the best available products on the market to meet your needs. We will obtain quotes from reliable suppliers or contractors for personal services, home renovation or repair projects. Knowing that it gets more and more difficult to obtain personalized, reliable and human customer oriented services, Dicata will represent you to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Dicata will help you maintaining the living environment where you feel at home, close to your usual medical services, shopping centers and other services that are part of your familiar landscape.

Because Human Relations, Trust and Security are more important than the mere service delivery:

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