You determine where, when and how we can help.

We will personalize our service offer to your health condition, your living habits, your wishes and your requests.

In addition to handling many tasks ourselves and acting as a consultant in other circumstances, we plan and coordinate services delivered by third parties, when necessary.

Ensuring your Well-being

With you, we take the necessary steps to obtain the services that you are entitled to receive from the local CLSC and other public or private institutions. We book appointments and at your request, we will be present when the representatives visit you.

Home Maintenance and Repair

Our consultants assess the overall condition of your home and determine with you the work that needs to be done. In addition to obtaining quotes from different contractors, we provide follow-ups to ensure quality work and that our client’s budget is respected. For small jobs, our people can complete the required work.

Your Health Follow-up

If required, Dicata can instill a follow-up procedure for your medication, collects and provides data to your doctor about your health, such as blood pressure and we can book for you appointments with specialists if required. We are available to spend time with you if you need to be hospitalized, when your family cannot be present.

Your Travel

Our people can accompany you to the hospital, to the grocery store, to a friend, a funeral or anywhere else. If you wish, we can stay with you and bring you back home safely.


We will help you to cook your favorite recipes or find dishes that agree with you. If you wish to entertain friends or others, you can count on us to help you prepare the meal and tidy up before leaving.

Groceries and Shopping

We will accompany you to the grocery store and to the shopping center. We will search online to find the best products at the best available price, ensure that the retailer or manufacturer honors its guarantee and that you obtain a service which meets and exceeds your expectations.

Daily Activities

You can count on us for everyday tasks whether it is personal care, lifting heavy objects, replacing light bulbs, reprogramming the TV remote, or simply to empty and clean the refrigerator.  If needed we will source the services of a specialized supplier.

The Unexpected

A power failure, a hot water tank that leaks, a door that does not close or a noise that worries you in the basement? Call us at any time and we will take steps in order to first ensure your safety and then correct the situation as you see fit.

Dicata guarantees that our people will respond quickly to resolve sudden situations. If possible, we will do what must be done ourselves if not we will obtain the service of a specialist and supervise his work for you.

Our support is available every day.  We will not leave you alone to deal with an unforeseen incident.

You can rely on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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