Solutions for Seniors and their Families Français

A simple and reassuring initial procedure

1.  Initial meeting to get to know you

At a first meeting, in the presence of your chosen family member or friend you can describe your needs to us and we will suggest solutions and services to best assist you.

2.  Presentation of a resource-person in your neighborhood

If you agree with our proposal, we will suggest a resource-person from your neighborhood in-line with your needs and best suited  for your service plan.

3.  Development of a personalized service plan

A personalized service plan and work schedule will be designed with your preferences.

4.  Monitoring of services by a Family-Friend committee

To ensure that the service plan will meet your needs and surpass your expectations, we will review it with you and your trusted entourage at pre-determined dates or as requested.

The approach to define whether we can help you is simple.

We will book a meeting at our office or when and where it is convenient for you. You may wish, to be accompanied by family members, relatives or friends to help you evaluate the value of our services.