Live life to the fullest!     In your home. Solutions for Seniors and their Families Français

We are proposing an innovative home support service tailored around your needs, your health, your physical environment, the availability of your family members and above all,  your wishes.

A resource-person from your neighborhood is dedicated to your well being. Not only will we assist you with your daily chores, we can coordinate access to private and public services which will relieve your frustrations and provide you and your family with more free time.

We will help you manage all services including housekeeping, maintenance, medical visits, meal preparation, travel, product purchases, and absolutely everything that will provide you with a secure and simplified life. We will develop with you a personalized service plan based on a minimum of 10 hours per month. Our joint plan will be revised with you as requested and periodically to ensure we are in line with providing you with a family experience which goes above and beyond health. We will surpass our clients expectations with our dedication, accessibility, resourcefulness and the courtesy of our entire team.

Dicata provides and coordinates all services necessary to enable you to live at home as long as you want

Dicata, which means ‘to be devoted’ in Latin, perfectly represents our values.

We perform our services with dedication and care.

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